Thursday, October 10, 2013

Hmm...face painting, soccer, and an apothecary photo shoot

Oooo boy am I behind!! I'm living in the weeds these days so the best I can do at the moment is post a few unrelated pictures.

Hannah got a pretty interesting face painting at this year's HampdenFest. I'm not sure what it is--vampire butterfly?? It goes well with the blue flower barrette that one of the vendors gave her for free.

It sucks to have no backyard, but you can't beat our back porch! Best back porch around! And come March/April, there will be another baby hanging out on that back porch...Yay!

Hannah's awesome school started a complimentary after-school soccer program this year. Love complimentary!! It's especially awesome at this age when kids have no idea what they will and will not like, and you end up forking out dough for them to try something and then having to deal with them complaining about going which is what Hannah does every Saturday morning when it's time for dance class. All summer she asked to dance and said she missed her dance friends. We switched her to Peabody this year (and so did the friend she kept asking for), but she is not liking it...I'm hoping it's just because it's new and that she'll adjust and like it, but if not, we won't sign her up again in the spring. In the meantime, I've explained that she has to follow through with it.

We stopped by Jenny's apothecary a few weeks ago to pick up some post-partum tea for Terrill (yay for new babies!) and Hannah managed to spot the random hats Jenny had laying around, including this pink cowboy hat with glitter.

September ended with our annual visit to the Maryland Renaissance pending...and we rang in October with a camping trip--Jacob's maiden voyage--another post pending!

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