Saturday, August 31, 2013

Under the orangutans at the DC Zoo

DC zoo!! Woohooo! Eric finally got a break from work mid-August so we hightailed it to DC to visit Amy and see her sweet new digs! After touring her apartment and watching Hannah open more birthday presents (including this awesome book that we are loving), we trekked over to the zoo and walked right in because the DC zoo is FREE! That's so sweet.

Amy and Hannah hopped in the letters out front and Eric photo-bombed from the back. And I somehow managed to cut off part of the "z" if getting the subject inside the view finder is terribly difficult.

These photos (along with the fact that I'm losing tons of hair from breastfeeding) are the reason I cut a significant amount of my hair off. I'm not sure what I was thinking slicking my hair back in a ponytail like that. Sheesh.

Hannah has been complaining about walking lately; I think she's jealous of her brother getting to ride in the stroller and the baby carrier. Anyway, I let her ride in the baby carrier for as long as I could manage, and she got a big kick out of that.

The orangutans commuting to school were the highlight of the day. They climbed up the tower in their yard and then climbed across those ropes over the walkways and trees until they got to the think tank. It was so cool!

After a few hours we found a shady place to sit so I could try to nurse Jacob who pretty much boycotts the boobs while we're out and about, but I managed to get him to eat a little, enough to tide him over until we were back home and could lay down in bed and let him nurse in style. This is where he's high maintenance. He'd rather starve himself than eat in public while sitting up. Amy and Hannah rode the carousel while I tried to force feed him.

The DC zoo is beautiful with these huge, gorgeous habitats and a ton of interesting animals, like Amy's favorite, the sloth bear, an adorable animal that I'd never even heard of. We had an awesome, albeit exhausting day and look forward to future visits to the zoo to see all the new babies that keep being born!

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