Friday, August 30, 2013


Big day for the family today! After a miraculous 8 hours of sleep, I walked into the kids' room and found Jacob laying on his back, kicking happily. He sleeps on his belly so this means that he rolled over on his own!! This in addition to the fact that he wasn't a hot mess after not eating for 8 hours made that early morning hour particularly exciting.

And then there was the chopping of tons of hair! Hannah's haircut now goes with her keen fashion sense making her the most stylish person in our family by a long shot. Eh, who am I kidding? She's always been the most stylish person in this family. I mean, I'm certainly no competition.

Ken Wong at Balance loved what Hannah did but thought he could improve a bit, and I think he succeeded. I love it, and think it's going to be FAR easier to keep tangle-free. She loves it too because it's out of her way and off her neck. We celebrated our cool new haircuts by walking down to the Golden West for dinner and then checking out this new bakery that just opened up for desert. Random people up and down the Avenue complimented her cool new do.

This is the side that she cut herself. She took it down to the scalp in one part, and obviously Ken didn't want to shave her head so he just left it a bit uneven. 

I got a significant amount of my hair cut off too, so I traded Eric the camera for the baby and attempted to strike my own pose. 

We left a lot of hair on that salon floor today!

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