Monday, March 25, 2013

The closest thing to a snow day in 2013

The rain that took over midday turned our one and only snow day into a bit of mess, but we enjoyed it for a few hours before everything turned into a soggy mess. Hannah and I started our day by building a snowman on the back porch (there was more snow back there than out front).

We came inside to warm up for a bit, and then I took her over to Kylie's house to play in their backyard and build another snowman (and a baby snowman). I went home to sit down and relax my very sore lower back and hips, and Kevin sent me this super cute pic of the ladies and their finished products.

After that it was off to the parking lot of The Rotunda for some city rat sled riding. I suited back up, grabbed the camera, and walked over to meet them. Adrienne stood at the top of the hill and helped the girls onto the sled, and Kevin stood at the bottom and caught them before they tumbled off the curb onto the parking lot, which was just wet and not at all snowy. I was only there for two runs and didn't manage to get any good pics during either, but I'm sharing two anyway.

By this point the falling snow was incredibly wet, and in spite of snow pants and a snow coat, Hannah was soaked through. When the girls got to the bottom of the hill on the second run that I was present for, they all slid slowly over the curb and toppled to one side while Keven struggled to get one hand out of his pocket and catch them. Hannah stood up and said, "I'm fine. Mommy, can we go home now?" So we came home, and she warmed up in the bath tub and then had some grilled cheese and tomato soup.

The snow turned to rain, and the snowman spent the rest of the day drooping and sagging. His button eyes sunk back into his head, and his carrot nose catapulted forward into the ground in front of him. The fun was short-lived, but I think we can say that we sufficiently sucked the marrow out of that snow (half) day bone!

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