Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Hannah celebrates MLK Day at The Walter's Art Museum

Hannah and I had big plans yesterday to meet Terrill at The Walters Art Museum to partake in their Martin Luther King Day celebration and all the family friendly art activities that it included. Unfortunately, a family emergency compelled me to drive back to Hagerstown that morning and it was not a Hannah-friendly emergency. Since MLK day is a Government holiday, Eric was home from work, but him and Joel were heading to Home Depot to buy supplies for the book shelves they're building me in the dining room. They agreed to let Hannah tag along, but she was less than thrilled with this option and (very loudly) asserted that she wanted to go to the museum. I don't blame her. Lumber or paintings?? Hmmm...no brainer.

So I called Terrill to cancel/gage her interest in taking Hannah without me. Fortunately for us, she was more than happy to get a little QT with The Banana and quickly agreed to come get her. I hit the road then, upset, but relieved to know that Hannah was in for a fun morning. Check out Terrill's Hannah-centric pictures and stories from their artsy-fartsy fun day on her blog.

I am bummed to have missed out on the fun, but I'm super grateful to have amazing friends like Terrill in my life and love that we are providing Hannah with an awesome community because that's the number one thing I lacked growing up and the one thing I always wanted to provide for my children, long before I even had children.  When the weather gets down to 20 degrees like it is this week, I get so tempted to head south and wonder what on earth I am still doing in such a cold climate zone, and then I remember that this is where my community is, and friends like Terrill make this frigid weather a little more bearable.

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