Monday, January 28, 2013

Princess-ed out

I just uploaded pics from our annual bowling fiasco and found this one of Hannah and Addy all princess-ed out at their last playdate a few weeks ago. I love that Hannah has reached an age where when you say you want a picture of her and a friend, she leans in, puts her arm around her friend, and cheeses.


Alright, back to sifting through my blurry bowling pics in search of some that are postable...


  1. And she shares her dress-up clothes. Such a sweety.

  2. I love the barefoot princess - a true Hewitt gene. Our Grandma Hewitt hardley ever wore shoes in the house

    1. Shoes are definitely the first thing kicked off (and the last thing put on) in this house too! Of course, when she is at the kids room at the gym playing with the costumes there, she loves the dress up shoes...She doesn't have many dress-up shoes here though, just the ballet slipper things that came with that purple dress that Addy is wearing in the pic above (and the pink ones that came with the pink dress of the same style, both of which were gifts from grammy :)


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