Friday, August 24, 2012

Hannah meets Aunt Sharon and Uncle Tom

The weekend that we were driving home from Michigan happened to be the same weekend that my dad was visitig his Aunt Sharon and Uncle Tom. They'd arranged a huge family gathering and BBQ with everyone who lives in the area, and since their house is barely off the path home, we joined in.

We woke up as early as possible on Saturday and managed to make it there in time for dinner. Hannah had just polished off a pint of raspberries in the car though so she was more interested in swimming.

She got cold and changed her mind pretty quickly. Cleaning the pool was a much warmer endeavor.

An even warmer endeavor was sitting by the fire with Pappy and helping him roast wienies on a stick.

On one of our many stops off the turn pike, Eric let Hannah pick out this little stuffed dog in a plastic crate. She was very enamored with and showed it off quite a bit, here to Pappy and Granmda Sondra.

The reason I was into the idea of stopping off at Uncle Tom's and Aunt Sharon's is because although I only remember meeting them once, I remembered them as being really awesome. They haven't changed a bit! Hannah hit it off with Uncle Tom, who is incredibly charismatic and silly, and spent a good portion of the visit hanging out with him.

Pappy made sure to get in on the tickle fest too.

After the wienies, they broke out the marshmallows. Real marshmallows, not the healthy alternative I provided when we went camping at Assateage earlier in the year. Hannah was smitten. We decided that marshmallow roasting was a good time to get some group photos.  Here's Hannah sitting between Uncle Tom and Aunt Sharon, waiting patiently for a marshmallow.

If you're looking for a little family background (I always am since I find that I rarely know who anyone is), Aunt Sharon is my dad's mom's sister. (I didn't know this on the way there--that's how disconnected we are from family. I got the low down while we were there though. Let's see if I can remember it all...) Aunt Joyce (bottom left) is another sister (and that's her husband behind her). I feel like there's one more sister but maybe I'm just confused??? I'm sure Aunt Sharon will confirm/correct after she reads this. 

I let Hannah have a partial s'mores leaving out the chocolate. After streaking the marshmallow through her hair, Hannah let Grandma Sondra pull it back into a ponytail.

Clean up time! It was just one marshmallow, but it ended up everywhere!

If I'm remembering right, and there's a good chance I'm not, Aunt Sharon has four daughters, one of whom, Tammy, is having a seriously intellectual conversation with Hannah in the pic below.

Kim is another of Aunt Sharon's daughters. I tried desperately to get a picture of her and Hannah laughing together but Hannah refused to remove the puppy's crate from in front of her face.

Debbie is another sister, but I didn't manage to get any pics of her. We did, however, pause to get a pic our little sect of the family. 

We took Hannah in to bed when the sun started to set, and although a ton more family members showed up shortly after, we were beat and didn't make it much past hello before excusing ourselves to go to bed. We were given the whole basement which was super comfortable and awesome and much better than being in a hotel. Since Hannah had requested pancakes for breakfast, we woke up to pancakes and chowed down. After breakfast we packed up the car and did some last minute outdoor exploring in anticipation of being car bound for a few more hours. Uncle Tom took us on a tour of his garden and sent us home with corn, onions, cucumbers, tomatoes--all of which were amazing and devoured pretty quickly. 

It was awesome to be able to see everyone and introduce them to Hannah and Eric, and it was also awesome to watch Hannah run around their giant yard the way a dog does when it's been cooped up in a row home for a while. She ran and climbed trees and picked flowers and seemed to really love the open space. I hope that we can provide her with a little open space one of these days....

That's it for July now. Let's see if I can get some August posts up before the month is over, starting with her birthday post...

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