Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Hannah skins the cat

I sent this video to a few of you on Tuesday, but I decided I needed to post it to the blog anyway because it's so awesome! Hannah just started a new session of gymnastics at HoppinTots and our usual 9:20 class was PACKED this time around, and a lot of the kids were new and younger (the class is for 2-3 year olds which is a pretty big gap). All of a sudden Hannah is too old for that class, so this week I took her to the one at 10:10 which has only four kids, all of whom are closer to Hannah's age and abilities.  It doesn't work as well with our schedule since I usually do our grocery shopping after gymnastics and a later class seriously cuts into my ability to lollygag around Whole Foods, but after this week, I'm convinced that it's worth the slight crimp in my schedule.

Since there are fewer kids, when Hannah pulled her toes up to the bar she was hanging from, Ms. Candace was right there showing her how to skin the cat. She only needed to be shown once; she spent the rest of the class skinning the cat over and over again. So awesome. Check it out.

(For some reason, the embed code that I am pasting in is not converting to a video once the post is published so you'll have to click the link. If, like me, you're hesitant to watch videos, please know that this one is all of 8 seconds. Literally.)

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