Friday, February 24, 2012

Hannah speaks Turkish

Hannah (our 2 1/2-year-old) just taught Eric (35 years old and a linguist, mind you) how to count to 5 in Turkish. How sweet is that???  Neslin, Hannah's awesome babysitter, has been teaching Hannah the numbers pretty much since she started, and I've overheard Hannah counting with her before and repeating after her on numerous occasions, but this week she's been counting upon waking, during breakfast, and throughout the day. She's also learning a few Turkish songs and the names of body parts and facial features, but so far she's not waking up and singing the songs--maybe next week.

Who needs Spanish classes when you've got a wonderful Turkish babysitter?? Thank you Neslin!


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    1. hehe! I'm glad!! I love it too! And look, my comments now have an option for me to "reply". How fun is that!


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