Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Hannah meets her newest cousin, baby Mason!

My brother and his wife welcomed their second little rug rat into the world last Wednesday morning. On Sunday, we loaded up the car with diapers and a ton of food (chicken pot pie for the new parents and a ton of detox-specific stuff for Eric and I to keep us functioning as well as is possible while attempting to cleanse in close proximity to a delicious chicken pot pie).  It was a half family reunion since my Aunt Pam showed up and my cousin Kim and hubby Jason, but you'd never know it to look at my pics...I have not been my usual mamarazzi self lately. Here's what I ended up with pics of:

Proud big brother, Clay, with his new baby, Mason.

The first of what I'm sure will be many pics of the cousins, now three instead of two.

Isn't he adorable?? Not all newborns are, but Mason is one of the few. At this point, he is looking more like our side of the family, unlike Clay who takes after his mama with his blond hair and fair skin.

Hannah impersonating Gene Simmons (or whoever the drummer is for KISS).

Clay and Eric join in, and the three form a family band. Move over Jackson 5!

Grammy looking positively enthusiastic with her newest grandbaby. (Geesh mom, would it kill you to smile??!)

Hannah took lots of turns holding her new cousin and was very careful and sweet and incredibly enamored with him. 

When I uploaded those pics I realized I had a few on the camera that I forgot about. Clay and Grammy came to visit us while Eric was dog sledding. We ended up taking the munchkins to Port Discovery, but I was totally lazy with the picture taking. I do kind of like this one of the two of them sitting in her bed reading their own separate stories before we left.

Clay and Hannah are so cute together and so fun to watch; it'll be great to see how Mason adds to that dynamic. Maybe someday Hannah will have a baby of her own to bring to the mix....


  1. You mean Hannah will have a baby 'brother or sister' of her own to bring into the mix. Sounded weird. :-)

  2. Gosh I love these little boogars. I wish we could get all the cousins together more often! Sunday was so fun!


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