Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Quirky, quirky Hannah...

I managed to sneak Hannah into her underwear and pants today before she realized that I was dressing her at which point, she promptly put an end to it and insisted on keep her pajama shirt on. She took the shirt I'd picked out for her to wear and went tearing off into my room where she found an excellent hiding place for it, so excellent that I was unable to find it. While in my room, she pulled this hat of mine out of the closet and put it on her head before going downstairs to put on her slippers and fill her backpack with stuffed animals. This is how she looked when I came down:

I eventually talked her into showing me where she hid the shirt by praising her excellent hiding skills (which really were excellent--I seriously couldn't find it) and asking her to pretty please help me. She gave in, and I brought the shirt with us in case I was able to sneak her into a normal outfit, and I was. She change shirts after gymnastics and even put on her shoes so she looked less interesting walking around Whole Foods. What can I say? I was embarrassed....Sigh. I'm going to have to get used to it because my guess is that she's going to come up with far crazier ensembles come high school...

In other quirky Hannah news: yesterday I was making dinner and Hannah was losing brain cells staring at the boob tube when all of a sudden she came running into the dining room singing the "I gotta pee, I gotta pee, I gotta pee, hey, hey, hey, hey" song (am I the only one who sings that or do you guys know what I'm talking about?). She grabbed her little portable potty that we keep on the first floor and ran back in to the living room. I walked in a minute later to check on her and was startled to find her on the potty on the couch:

It's a bad pic, I know. I grabbed my camera as fast as I could but she was in the process of standing up when I snapped it and since I don't use flash, blurry is the result. I had to share it though because of the sheer ridiculousness of it. Who does that?? Today I caught her trying to do it again and asked her to please leave it on the floor to pee. This is not a habit we need to get into. I mean, really?? Fortunately, no pee was spilled in the taking of this picture.

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  1. You did not have quirky outfits as a child. For the most part I helped you pick out your clothes, but you were very big on looking good.


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