Tuesday, January 31, 2012

My crowning moment of motherhood

On Sunday we went to the Independent Catholic church in Fells Point to watch baby Zoey get christened. It was Hannah's first time in a church, and she did surprisingly well though she became bored with the constant up and down and refused to participate in the subsequent ups (I don't blame her--I get tired of all the up and down that goes on in a Catholic church too, although I suppose it's better than having to sit still for an hour...).  We had to ask her to whisper a few times and also to hold her applause for the organ player until the end, and I carried her out screaming once when she decided to stand up and simultaneously fall over face first into the pew in front of us, but other than that, model behavior! Fortunately it's a really laid back church so nobody gave us any dirty looks.

Amy and Nate provided refreshments after the service, so everyone headed down to the basement room to mingle and munch.  Hannah and I were the first ones at the buffet, me trying desperately to cut a wheel of brie with a plastic butter knife, Hannah loading up her plate with the surrounding strawberries. After clearing away some of the berries, she noticed the "garnish" the brie was sitting on and berries were sitting on and started pulling at the leafy green stuff and putting it on my plate, saying, "Here mommy. Here's some kale for you."

I was so proud. I realize that most of you will think I'm crazy for calling this my crowning moment, but I seriously love it that the little munchkin knows kale and knows that it's not just a garnish.  Not many 2-year-olds (or 32-year-olds) can claim that.

The only thing that would have made me prouder is if she had put it on her own plate and started chowing down. Maybe some day. A mom can dream....

The below pic is unrelated. I took it the morning before the christening while waiting for Clay and Grammy to show up. Hannah has joined me in my ritual of drinking hot water throughout the day (she has hers with honey) and was enjoying a cup while snuggling her Lila doll and enjoying a slow Saturday morning wake up.

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