Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Weekend Belly Pics (31 1/2 weeks)!

2 posts in 2 days! Clearly the internet famine has ended (no jinxing please!). With the family reunion and the wedding this past weekend, I ended up with a couple of belly shots to share.

This first one provides an interesting angle and an opportunity for me to brag about the context, which is that this is me kicking Eric's butt in ladder ball. (Apparently I appear to be chewing tobacco when I concentrate...) Unfortunately, there is no record of Eric going on to kick my butt in cornhole (bean bag toss). Shucks!!

If I had any vanity at all, I wouldn't post the next one, but since my face looks funny in all the reunion pics, I had to pick the least offensive. I figure this one shows how the pregger belly becomes a catch all for anything making its way to my mouth. Ah, who am I kidding? Anything orbitting within a 10 mile radius of the globe that has become my stomach gets sucked in and sticks. This one also illustrates my outward moving belly button.

One more! Eric and I rushed from the reunion to my mom's to hose off and then off to a wedding. I didn't have time for hair drying or make-up (as is obvious), but check out that cleavage!


  1. Lovely pics, you look gorgeous! I arrived on your blog randomly and I really like it! Now it's on my favorites list. I'm a mum of a little boy called Marlow and I really enjoy reading other mummy stories online. Have you picked a name for baby yet? I rememer I spent a lot of time chilling out choosing my baby names. Here a great link http://www.bounty.com/babynames/ Let us know how it's going!! Jo and her little Marlow

  2. Thanks for the link! (And for the wonderful compliment!) I will definitely check it out! I'm really getting into reading other mum stories too and actually found some great ones last night with the help of a friend who led me to dooce.com. I was actually thinking of doing a blog post to share a couple of cool mommy blogger links...

    Oh, and the name will be Hannah Jane. There is a future blog post coming with the history of that name as well...as soon as my mom finishes rooting through the geneaology :

  3. dooce.com is very famous terri. did you read the story of it? the girl got fired for blogging about work (i believe) and now it's her full time job. sweeeeet. maybe we should blog about work????

  4. Again, as far as spots on the shirt go -- welcome to my world.

  5. you girls are so gorgeous! miss you all! and look at your belly :)

  6. Ahh, you look so cute! Looking forward to seeing you in person.


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