Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Internet Deprived!!!

I just went an entire weekend without internet!!! It was terrible. I don't know why it's working today, or for how long it will work, so I'm going to make this quick in the hopes that it lasts long enough for me to push the "publish post" button.

Eric took this pic of me on Saturday after I got back from my Body Pump class. It's getting pretty obvious that there's a bun in this oven, eh??

Lots of people at work ask me how I'm feeling when they pass me in the hallway; the question caught me off guard at first but now I expect it as a typical pregnant person question, so, in case any of you are wondering how I'm feeling, the answer is groovy! I mean, I'm still tuckered out way more easily than before, but for the most part, I'm comfortable and functioning and no big problems. Little problems include puke burps...I believe the medical term is indigestion? Or maybe acid reflux?? No clue. I bought some chewable papaya tablets from the Whole Foods and they seem to help. Another thing that helps is not hanging upside down after eating. Note to self.

I'm also a bit achier in the hip/pelvic/netherlands region. And I wake up stiff and hunched over and feeling old...I shake it out though so it's cool.

Hannah is moving A LOT these days. It's pretty fun. On Sunday we were tired so Eric and I laid on the couch for a bit and watched my stomach move. So weird!

Another major accomplishment: we've got the date and location of the baby shower planned! Wahoooo! It was a little rough because I wanted something outdoors but all the stuff in Baltimore is super duper expensive (pavillions start at $200 and just keep going up!). So we decided on Cunningham Falls which is one of my favorite childhood spots! My dad used to take me and my brother there when we were young. We'd pull off the side of the road and park on the tree line then walk through the woods to sneak into the lake without having to pay. My dad is quite clever. I didn't even realize there was a main entrance (and entrance fee) until I was in high school and heading up there after school with friends.

Our second hangup was that our ideal date (Saturday, July 18) was booked...since Eric's mom already has her flight booked, I couldn't switch weekends so we opted for Friday, July 17. I realize that'll inconvenience a few, and I'm bummed about that, but there just wasn't a lot else we could do. I'm planning on taking the day off work and heading down early to hike around and relax by the water. I think my dad and mom and Laura are doing the same...Hopefully that's what lots of people will do because that will be so fun!! I can't wait!!!!

Gotta run! It's time for Body Pump! I have another appointment with the midwife on Thursday so if the internet is working, I'll provide a little update then.


  1. Hanging upside down???? Should I even ask?

  2. Well, since you did, I'll answer: since I've been working full time, I go to the gym in the evenings and then eat dinner when I get back and by then it's bed time so I do my stretches which involves me hanging upside down a bit. Also, rather than use my quad muscles, I prefer to bend at the hips to pick things up from the floor which also entails "hanging upside down".

    Not nearly as exciting of an explanation as you'd hoped, huh?

  3. And somehow I'm sorry I asked. . . .


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