Wednesday, June 24, 2009

24 Hours

I'm only posting again so soon because it's been a pretty eventful 24 hours and I'd rather not have to catch up later. That and I'm tired from all the events so I can't summon the energy to do anything more productive than lay on the couch and stare at my computer.

5:51 p.m. (yesterday): I am seconds from pulling into the parking lot of my gym when I am rear ended and shoved into the car in front of me. (Fortunately the air bags did not deploy which I assume means the hit wasn't that hard, but I'm pretty sure it was that hard so I'm questioning their functionality.) I'm not injured, but the adrenaline that shot through my body made me feel woozy and sick so I had to stay seated for a bit. I was very out of it at that point so please don't judge me for the poor decisions that followed. I've been reprimanded enough by my hubby and mom. The reason? I didn't call the cops...We all exchanged information and the woman who hit me asked if we should call the police. I said I didn't know the process to follow because I'd never been in an accident (that involved more than one car) and the guy in the car in front of me said it was a waste of time. Apparently, it is important to always call the police because they will determine who is at fault which will make the insurance company's job a lot easier and also make the lives of the people who aren't at fault (in this case me) a lot easier. My second screw up was not writing the woman's information myself. When I got home I called my insurance company to file the claim I realized I couldn't read her handwriting and also, she'd given me her VIN instead of her policy number.... I contemplated going to the gym afterwards anyway but was still so shook up and drugged feeling that I thought it best to go home and relax. If I weren't pregnant, I'd have carried on as usual. Please note that this is probably the first time I've made a "physically-I-shouldn't-do-this-because-I'm-pregnant decision" I spent the rest of the night on the couch, completely exhausted. Anyway, I'm fine and my car isn't too bad off. It has to be fixed because the bumper is pulling away from the wheel well on the passenger side, the rear light is pulling away, and the trunk is now out of line, but it's still drivable.

8:06 a.m. (today): Hit the road for Hagerstown to visit my mom's asthma doctor because I didn't feel like trying to find someone in Baltimore. Arrived right on time at 9:30. Underwent full allergy both forearms were pricked 30 times. I showed minor irritation to maple and oak trees but nothing else. Then they injected the other 28 substances into my upper arms (just to be sure I suppose). This time I showed minor irritation to dust mites and weeds. He gave me a prescription, told me to test my breathing using my peak flow meter twice a day, and told me to come back in a week (gotta find a closer doctor!!).

11:43 a.m.: Pulled out of the doctor's office parking lot and hit 70 East toward Frederick.

12:03 p.m.: Pulled into The Clay Oven, an Indian restaurant on the Golden Mile, to meet mom for her first Indian meal. They had a buffet set up so we helped ourselves. For being in a strip mall, it was pretty darn good!

1:03 p.m: Back on 70 East toward Baltimore and panicking slightly because my midwife appointment is at 2:00...Crossed my fingers for no traffic.

2:02 p.m.: Parked in front of the building where my midwife leases her space. Waited in the waiting room until after 2:30...This is why there is never a good reason to rush. I explained the accident last night and she seemed to think everything was fine but instructed me to page the midwife on duty next time something like that happens. I also showed her the lump that's been in my arm pit since March, and she explained that it's breast tissue or fat or something and perfectly normal...good. She spent some time studying my paperwork from my old midwives in an attempt to figure out how they came up with my due date. I was scared for a minute when she said something about it should be July!! That's too soon! But she ended up figuring out their typo and agreeing that I should expect Hannah either the second or third week of August, give or take a week or two....gotta love that certainty! I did finally settle on a date to start maternity leave: August 10. But I'm taking vacation the week before so as of August 3, no more work for me! Wahoooo!!!! Hopefully Hannah doesn't come too early because I purposely took off at the beginning of the month in the hopes of having some QT with Eric before the madness of parenthood sets in.

I digress...lets's see...3:05 p.m.: Exit the midwife's office and head to east Baltimore to get my emissions That's boring stuff. Let's just end at the 23rd hour and return to the joy of me being off work in August! Can I get another wahoooo??!!!!


  1. yeah that whole thing about calling the cops for a fender bender NOT IN BALTIMORE. the time someone hit me in mt. vernon ($2,000.00 in damage) i called the cops and they got there and did NOTHING what so ever and left without giving me so much as a piece of paper. he also told me there is no need to call the cops for a fender bender sooooo i guess baltimore is different? crap in hagerstown a fender bender would have been 15 cops deep! haha

  2. oh and i waited 1 hour for a cop to come.

  3. I've had all. Cops came immediately, cops came 40 minutes later, and didn't call the cops. All cops do is take everyone's information and file a report (you have to call them later to get the report number)- not necessrily judge in all instances. The help that comes from having cops there is that THEY handle the exchange of the informtion (sure to get the right info) and in case of a later bodily injury claim, they can verify that the accident definitely occurred. (None of that pesky "he said, she said" stuff.)
    My insurance agent said that at the very least I should call him and he'll walk me through getting all the information.
    I'd worry about the air bags too.

  4. What a crazy mess! - both the accident and all the driving around. The county cops i work with told me unless someone's been hurt of the car is stuck in the middle of the road to not call them. I'm with Bonnie, call the insurance people and ask them what they want you to do. though, i have little personal experience ...

    Also, WHOOT WHOOT for august! Can we schedule the make food day then? I gotta finish all those things i started making for baby Hannah... yeesh... time creeps up on me...


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