Saturday, February 28, 2009

Playing Catch Up

Despite being extremely annoyed by the blue shirt belly pic, I just haven't had the time to cover it up with a new post. I had to read about week 14 and week 15 together, and I'll have to comment on them the same way. Fortunately not much happens during these weeks. The tiny tot is about the size of a softball right now and has figured out how to use and suck on the opposable thumb that gives us humans the advantage in any activity requiring picking things up. Apparently learning how to use the thumb and learning how to use the face to suck happen quite simultaneously which is lucky for us when we're softball sized. The tot has also learned breathing motions and is probably sucking fluid into its little amphibious lungs as we speak. The eyes are continuing to move to the front of the face but since they're still pretty far apart, its still resembling the alien milkman at this stage (I swear it's yours hubby #1!).

As for me, I puked the other morning. Weird, eh? I thought maybe it was a bit of morning sickness that realized it never hit me and was attempting to catch up, but I'm thinking now that it was a supplement overload. We were out of town last weekend and on the way home, stopped to eat around 4:30. I should have eaten again when we got home at 8:00 but I was tired so I took some fish oil, a probiotic, and my last prenatal vitamin (I take 6 per day) and hit the sack. I woke up and chugged an Emergen-C like usual then started in on my Mother to Be tea. When I started getting nauseas I ran to the kitchen and frantically poured a bowl of cereal, but it was too late. Up comes the Emergen-C. And (and this next part will be TMI for some of you so censor accordingly) every time I upchucked, I peed my pants a little so I had to completely change after that fiasco. That was my sign to start doing my kegel exercises...and also to get this plastic thing out because ever since it's been in, my urethra has had a bit too much freedom.

In less TMI-related news, I have started playing classical music for the tator tot while I work in the morning. I don't know when it's capable of hearing stuff outside the womb, and I imagine I'm a little early since its ears are still developing, but I figure what the heck. If nothing else, I'm enjoying it. Plus, the first two days I played it, I swear I felt something move around in there though I know that it is not physically possible for me to feel the movements yet. Anyway, Laura thinks I'm going to have a little Stuey (the baby from Family Guy) with all my classical music playing and fish oil drinking.

I think that's enough of a catch up for now. I go to the midwife again on Thursday. I'm not sure much of anything interesting will happen other than that I'll have the opportunity to ask about this lump in my armpit. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that. It's about the size of a bouncy ball from the quarter machines at the grocery store. It makes my already fat armpits look even fatter (well, on one side). It's also tender to the touch. I freaked out when I found it and planned on calling the midwife to ask about it immediately but then I got busy with the class I'm taking and all the stuff to do around here to sell this house and figured I'd just wait till I can ask in person. My mom says we are a very lumpy family and that her and her sisters were quite lumpy during their pregnancys so no cause for be continued next week!


  1. Well, that was close to what I said. But you always remember things differently

  2. I always feel like James Frey with you! Geez. Okay, what EXACTLY did you say??? Here's what I heard "we're a lumpy family." I might have improvised the rest....

  3. Well I said I had lumps when I got pregnant - and that I took after Mom with the generally lumpy boobs and she said Debby did too - no clue about Pam (or anyone during pregnacy)

  4. i love all this lumpy talk! haha

    little stuey is gonna take over the world and brain wash terri into a stepford wife! i'm so scared of her already! (yes she's a girl and yes her name is stuey).


  5. the only one who can save us is....kaya...hehehe!

  6. You caaaarack me up, girl! My god. I can't wait to meet baby Stuey.


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