Thursday, March 5, 2009

4 Months

I'm not much in a blogging mood but just got back from my month 4 check-up with the midwife so I'll summarize: The plastic crutch my uterus was using (which I finally found out is called a "pessary") has been removed and is in a plastic baggie on my dresser (not as a keepsake but in case something happens and I need it again). I decided to take the optional blood test screening for three birth defects that I is down syndrome, the other is maybe spina bifida or some neural tube or...anyway, the test has a high failure rate so often if there are abnormalities, the baby still ends up being fine. As such, they give you a big speech about to warn you that it may cause unnecessary stress. I think my life can handle a little more stress so I told them I wanted it. I figure it's something I'll occasionally worry about anyway so I might as welll get the test and cross my fingers that it comes back normal. Not much else was done...the lump has pretty much disappeared so I mentioned it but there was nothing done.

And again, as always, I'm tired for no reason so that's it for this update.

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