Monday, February 16, 2009

First Belly Shot

Here's your belly shot! Not very flattering, I I said, it's more of a beer belly these days...I'll start photographing more regularly from here on out....


  1. I'm Grammy to a "bump" -- actually (in person) it doesn't look pregnant yet, your belly just looks a little pudgy.

  2. hot mama - make sure you post a self portrait on a monthly basis!!!!

    how's little gerty doin?

  3. it is 4:21 in the PM this thing is 3 hours off

  4. Weird!!! Maybe it's on east coast time...but why???

    Gerty is still keeping her keeper exhausted on the regular...STILL waiting for that "ready to climb a mountain" phase I've been told I'll enter soon...

  5. If you go under settings - then formatting, it lets you choose what your time zone is. It appears the default is West Coast time, so you'll have to change it to East Coast.


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