Monday, December 29, 2014

Lake life in Michigan

Prior to our annual visit to Michigan, hubby and I found a home listing that intrigued us. It had 5 acres and was not too terribly far off the beaten path that is I-83 and my lifeline. By this point we'd been looking at homes off and on for 4 years and had put in offers on at least as many homes. The timing was never right, and if we're being honest with ourselves, the homes were never quite right either. I never got discouraged because the universe has always taken care of me in the past, and I knew it would this time around as well. Also, I loved my life in the city, so although there were aspects of it that I was eager to leave behind (the fight for parking!!), there were plenty more that I knew I'd miss terribly.

Anyway, we were less enthusiastic/more realistic by this point in the process. We had come to realize that most homes seemed far better than they were, and that, generally speaking, most of the homes in our price range were not worth getting into a tizzy about. So we half-heartedly texted our realtor and asked if he could fit in a showing in the next 2 days prior to us leaving for Michigan. He couldn't. No sweat. We left. Michigan or bust baby! (House story to be continued....)

Day 1 was sunny, and Hannah and Eric wasted no time suiting up and jumping in. It's a good thing they did because days 3, 4, and 5 were rainy, dreary, and downright freezing (for August).

Joel must have struck the children as a top notch stuffie snuggler, and they wasted no time testing his talents in this arena.

Grannah and granpah bought a pontoon boat last year and used it to ferry us around the lake and back and forth across the lake from the cabin we'd rented to their house. Hannah even got to drive a few times!

(Uncle Justin's pic)

The little cabin we rented is in the background below. It was in a really private location with a neighbor on only one side and lily pads on the other. It was rustic to say the least, but totally worth the $400 we spent on it for the week.

On the evening of Day 2 friends and family came over for food, fun, and fishing. The tug on the end of this line was hard enough to garner everyone's curiosity.


They hooked a turtle!! (Don't worry, they threw him back after a few pics.)

There was a little fire pit type thingy, and where there's a fire, there's 'smores...Jacob eats so many things that I would never have dreamed of feeding Hannah at his age...His first impression of a 'smore was "hell yes, more please."

This is one of many pictures taken in the last few months that have caused me to look more carefully at the fluffiness I'm harboring in my middle. The holidays have fluffed me up even more...eeek! Looks like I'll be joining the masses of people who make resolutions about changing shape/toning up in the new year.
(Uncle Justin's pic)
Eric had a ton of fireworks left over from July.

Jacob loved them in July. He couldn't get enough. Afterward, every time he saw the box, he freaked out and begged to light them. He's a bit of a pyromaniac....

Hanging out with granpah...

...followed by some snuggles with grannah.

Hubby and his best buds.

Hannah posing with beloved members of her fan club :)

(Uncle Justin's pic)
 Loving up on Socks, her fur cousin.

(Uncles Justin's pic)

 All dressed up in her new outfit from grannah complete with new puppy purse.

When grown men wear Babiators.... 

Granpah loaned us his little motor boat so we could ferry ourselves back and forth across the lake on our own when the pontoon taxi was taking a break.

Another fashion show at the other side of the lake, this time with grannah.

Relaxing, lake style....

Fishing? Water poking? Relaxing....

Oh yeah. Tubing. As soon as weather cleared up and warmed slightly (I think Thursday), grannah and granpah brought over the giant tube, and Hannah jumped on eagerly.

Hannah let her dad take a loop with her, and then she kicked him out and rode around in that tube by herself for as long as grannah and granpah felt like pulling.

I stayed suited up in my sweatshirt and hung out lakeside with Justin and Socks who can apparently sleep in any position.

More 'smores!!

Jacob's turn to float around in the tube. And no, one picture was not enough...too many cute ones. Prepare for a sequence.

More relaxing.

The first of many photos of uncle Justin reading to Jacob.

Floating around...getting some sun.

If your lap is empty and a book is in sight, Jacob will happily curl up and have you read to him for as long as you're willing.

Hannah celebrated her birthday again while there. She shared a cake with granpah who also has an August birthday.

One of the only things as cool as 'smores: bubbles.

The menfolk doing their best to smile.

Hello family!

This lap is beloved by babies and dogs.

More maxin' and relaxin'.

On our final full day in Michigan, we drove over to our friends' house on another lake, and they graciously invited us to test drive their brand new jet skis. Racing Eric around that lake was the highlight of my vacation!

(Grannah's pic)

(Grannah's pic)

(Grannah's pic)

After a few laps we talked Hannah into jumping on with her dad. He taught her how to drive, and she pinned the throttle back, laughing maniacally as they cruised around that lake at top speed and asking to go faster. Speed demon? Adrenaline junkie?? Eeeek.....

(Grannah's pic)

I have just a few more end-of-summer awesome-ness posts before I slam you with a giant data dump of photos of our new life in the country.

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