Tuesday, April 15, 2014

A hand for Hampden

This hand, situated in the bed of Steve's truck in March when I took these pictures, will soon be part of a sweet new playground currently being built a few blocks south of us. Since the playground is the brainchild of Steve, I have high expectations and no doubt that it will exceed those expectations. Really, just the hand is enough to make the space a huge hit; the fact that there will be more is just a party bonus. What kid doesn't want to sit in the palm of a giant hand and climb up the fingers?? I kinda want to sit on it too...

After a week of awesomely amazing 70-degree temperatures, it's hard to look at these pictures of Hannah bundled up in her winter gear and come to terms with the fact that this really wasn't that long ago. Sure, I'm behind on the blog, but I'm not THAT behind....am I?? It's funny how a dramatic change in weather can warp my sense of time and make a month feel like a year.

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