Thursday, December 5, 2013

Apart, together: Hannah's dance class

Mid-October was parent observation week at Hannah's dance class.We moved her to the Peabody dance program this year. I miss the convenience of being able to walk to the previous place, but I didn't love the old class and wanted to try something new. Peabody has such an amazing reputation that I figured we couldn't go wrong. This class focuses on foundation techniques that set up dancers for more technical training. It has been invaluable for teaching coordination and body awareness. A lot of the stuff they do is so simple to adults (and even older children) that watching the young girls struggle to learn to skip or to side shuffle down the room was mind blowing, adorable, and also funny. I had no idea that skipping could be so complicated! If you don't know what I'm talking about, check out this "Apart, together" video I took of Hannah side shuffling down the room.

She took a while to warm up to being in a new class with new students and a new teacher, and there were a few weeks in the beginning where she didn't want to go, but she seems to enjoy it now. That said, it does not look like we'll be continuing in the spring. When she was not wanting to go I told her we needed to finish the session we started since she wanted to do this and we couldn't get our money back but that once that session was over we didn't have to sign up again. She's taking me up on that offer and has asked to do gymnastics instead, so gymnastics it is!

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