Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Hannah's fasion genius

Hannah had some really good modeling moments this summer that I am just now getting around to sharing. I'm no fashion guru (obviously!), and my first thought when I see her outfits is usually "love the random chaos!" but now that I'm looking at them, I feel like they actually kind of work, like there's a method to her madness. Take this first one for instance. She's wearing this short and shirt set that Amy brought back from Japan on one of her trips with a red glitter visor from Target and the green star glasses that the dental hygienist gave her the first time she had her teeth cleaned. Random, but I think the end result is some sort of star struck tourist look that kinda works, right?

In this next one she's wearing a Melissa and Doug fairy costume with bunny ears, heart-shaped pink tinted glasses, and a dinosaur ring from summer camp, and it's a crazy ensemble, but it kinda works too, right? Or am I just totally nuts? I mean, I don't think it works in a cover-of-the-magazine kind of way, but maybe in a Lady Gaga way, or someone else making loud and obnoxious fashion statements.

I will concede that it's POSSIBLE that I'm wearing mom glasses, the kind that cloud my vision and delude me into believing that my kid is downright extraordinary and amazing and worthy of public attention and adoration. And I suppose if you wanted to accuse me of that, you probably wouldn't have a hard time finding the evidence to back that up....hello Hannah-centric blog....

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