Saturday, November 19, 2011

"Moooommmmmyyy. Cleeeeaning."

For days I have been trying to get a video of Hannah playing the piano at my aunt's house off of my phone and onto this blog, but that particular skill is apparently above my head, so I give up. This post will be a bit of a repeat for those of you who saw the pic that Eric posted to Facebook last weekend using my phone and my Facebook account in spite of my repeated requests that he do it on his own account because I prefer to keep all of my memories in one place with this blog being that place.

If you didn't see it on Facebook, here's the story: while I was cleaning the bathroom last week, Hannah grabbed a clean rag and took it to her room. Shortly thereafter, I heard "Mommmmmyyyy.  Cleeeaaaning." I finished up the bathroom and and popped my head in to find Hannah standing among the pile of books and toys that she'd pulled from every shelf she could reach, meticulously wiping the now-empty shelves with her rag.

Aside from cleaning the bathroom each week, I don't really clean more than once every few months so I have no idea where she learned this skill. Does Dora clean? Or Elmo?  Hmmmm....

Mommy's little helper is not always the most helpful, but her intentions are charming none-the-less.

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