Thursday, October 13, 2011

Kids Fitness Fusion

I enrolled Hannah in a new class called Kids Fitness Fusion.  It's a drop-off class (her first drop-off!) for kids ages 2-4 at my gym and is held at pretty much the same time as my favorite pilates/barre class on Wednesdays (so we're always at the gym then anyway).  I don't know exactly what happens in that class since it's drop-off, but the first time I dropped her off I saw a room full of balls, a sliding board, and a basketball net...After her class, they took her to the kids room to wait for me to finish my class.  Here's how I found her:

I don't think I've ever seen her so crashed out. I asked her if she had fun but she ignored me, and when I asked if she was ready to go, she shook her head and said, "no, stay here."

When I went to get her this week she was sitting at the little table eagerly shoving the kids room-provided Goldfish into her mouth.

She still isn't telling me what she does in class, but she at least answers "yes" when I ask if she had fun.  I think the fun has something to do with a little boy named Ian who I met on Friday at the pool. His mom swims when I do, and on Friday, she brought Ian to the kids pool after her workout just like I do with Hannah.  As soon as he showed up, Hannah started yelling, "there's Ian! there's Ian!"  I swam her over and asked the mom if her kid's name was Ian. Yup. It's so weird to think that Hannah has friends I don't know...but I guess that's what the kids room is good for! There were a few occasions last winter where women in the locker room approached me to ask if I was Hannah's mom and tell me that Hannah plays with their kid. One mom told me that her daughter was having a hard time adjusting to the kids room and would cry when the mom tried to leave, then Hannah would bring her over a baby doll to try to comfort her. Of course I love hearing stories like that! But it catches me off guard because I don't really hang around the kids room much before or after dropping her off so I don't see her playing with the other kids and have no idea who they are.  Anyway, Ian seems sweet, and I'm glad Hannah is socializing and making friends and having fun in the kids room and in her new class.

P.S. Sorry for the poor picture quality; I'm not in the habit of carrying my camera to the gym so I was left at the mercy of my phone.

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