Monday, September 14, 2009

On the subject of routines...

I've been googling various routine topics and came across The Baby Whisperer....what is it with these whispering people??? Anyway, I like what this article says (there's a link to a video interview there too if you don't like reading) and am thinking I'll see if the library has this book.

I ordered 3 other books from Amazon yesterday (I'd have picked them up at the library too but Enoch Pratt didn't have any of them). Look for their titles to appear in the right hand column when I get around to creating a new gadget with current reading titles.


  1. Cool article. Though don't know how to stop the falling asleep while eating - they don't do it forever, so I'm not sure I'd mess with a good milk coma. But scheduling activity makes sense.

  2. Is True Blood the series with Sookie Stackhouse??? If it is, I've only read the books. I heart vamps.


  3. It is, yes....I do not heart vamps! But Eric got me hooked last Halloween...

    (I can't believe Frogger left a comment!!!)


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