Sunday, September 20, 2009

Cloth Dipes!

I have yet to get a decent cloth diaper pic, but here are a couple of un-decent (by "un-decent" I just mean "not properly illustrative") pics featuring Hannah in her green Bum Genius diaper. We stocked up and started using them a couple weeks ago. Although they are "one size fits all," they were a bit too big for her that first month--not that I'd have had the wherewithal to deal with them at that point anyway.

We're using them pretty regularly during the day now but I haven't yet been brave enough to make the switch during night time...And we also haven't made the switch when traveling (not sure how to transport the dirty diaper back home--in a plastic bag?? I'm guessing my mom can enlighten me on this as she used cloth diapers for me and the little bro...).
I also think it only fair to note that these diapers are totally cheating as far as cloth diapering goes because they are super duper easy and work pretty much like disposables except that you have to rinse the poo off, wash 'em, and reuse 'em. Of course, you pay a pretty penny for that kind of convenience ($17 a pop--we got 7 for $35 on Craig's List though), but I figure they're still cheaper than using disposables, especially since I can use 'em again for child number 2 (who is not even a thought in my mind at this time, I assure you).


  1. I just love reading your blog. Hannah is adorable and you’re so inspiring. Keep it up momma!

  2. We used cloth diapers most of the time. Disposables when away from home.
    Bum Genius. Thanks for the link. There is actually a retailer here in Battle Creek. I am passing the info on to Maria.
    Ditto to Stasa's comment.


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