Wednesday, August 3, 2016

August (2015)

As we ramp up for Hannah's birthday, I'm plagued by the realization that if I don't post the pics from last August post haste, I will officially be a full year behind with the blog, and that's just too intimidating. I don't know if I can every return from that...Ever since we moved I've been saying that I'm just going to do photo dumps with no text, but I end up not being able to resist narrating the pictures. Today I am going to try really, really, really hard to just dump and not narrate...wish me luck.

Birthday waffles for Hannah on her 6th birthday!
Birthday carrot cake!

Random visit from Mason while the big kids were at school.

Spined micrathena--my favorite spider and abundant in our woods in July and August.

Our week in Michigan.

We visited an alligator sanctuary while there that is run by a guy who Eric was very close friends with growing up. Very awesome place!!

As usual, we swung by my Aunt Sharon's and Uncle Tom's house on our way home.

Dang. That was a chubby summer for me. Blaming it on the broken foot that forced me into a contraption from April through July.

We let Hannah invite some friends over to celebrate her birthday with her for the first time last year. I always promised her that we'd do it when we had a yard, and she held me to that promise!

Decorated visors at the Walter's Art Museum.

Good times at the state fair!

Jacob's first time milking a cow with veteran big sis to show him the ropes.

Hannah's first sleepover with a friend!

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