Sunday, February 15, 2015

The beach!!

The morning after we put in an offer on the house, we took the kids climbing and ran into a friend with a beach condo who had a last minute back out. It was available from Monday through Friday, and he offered it to us at a discount. We accepted his offer on the spot. The beach is, and always has been, my happy place.

We were packing up on Sunday when we got the call from our realtor saying the sellers had accepted our offer. Woohooo!!! We were ecstatic and wondered if we should skip the beach, but instead we busied ourselves with filling out the forms our loan officer needed to process our loan in a month. I also immediately typed up an ad for our current home and posted it online to start the process of looking for tenants.Then we hit the road!

After dropping off our bags at the condo, we walked straight to the beach. It was close to dinner time so we kept our clothes on, planning on just a walk in the surf and sand, but I should have known that wasn't going to happen! What started as just splashing in the surf turned into an all out, fully clothed swim for Hannah and Eric.


I focused more on relaxing than picture taking on this trip, as has been my practice as of late, but here are the few I took.

We had such an awesome week. Being there from Monday to Friday was the perfect amount of time, and it meant that we weren't traveling on the weekend so we didn't have to deal with insane traffic in either direction. The condo was awesome and in such an ideal spot, far from the insanities of the boardwalk and  backing up to a huge park on the bay with trails and a really nice playground. It was such a peaceful and perfect way to end the summer!

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