Sunday, March 2, 2014

Pad Thai fingerfood and his first hair cut

Guess who loves Pad Thai?? This kid! I wasn't sure how to serve it so I just plopped it on his tray and let him go to town. He had no problem with that.Yum!

After dinner we gave him his first haircut.  It was getting a little business-up-front and party-in-the-back. When pregnant I hoped he would have crazy wild curly hair (I love how little boys look with crazy hair), but I figured the odds of that were pretty low. This is a family of straight, thinnish, anti-wild hair, which means we all need to keep it pretty short or it just hangs listlessly down our faces like a drab curtain.

So Eric stuck the 5/8 inch guide on the razor, and I zipped away the baby's lovely hair. I didn't touch the front or the Alfalfa spikes up top; I love those.

He's 11 months old today, he eats pretty much everything we do, and he's sporting a his first haircut. Every time I look at him I try to burn his image into my brain so I can carry it with me even when he's a grown man. It's hard though; I already can't remember him as a newborn, and the only baby images of Hannah that I can conjure are those that are photographs, but a memory of a photograph isn't at all the same things a memory of real life...It's all so fleeting.

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