Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Those Big Belly Blues (and 3 Months to Go!)

I don't actually have the blues so don't go getting alarmed--I just like the alliteration.

Today is May 19 which means that I have exactly 3 months until Hannah's estimated date of arrival (August 19). I sent an email to mom today with this news in it and she replied that I was going to start getting big now, and fast. I let her know that the "fast" thing is already happening; every week I'm bigger than the week before. Then I made the following list:

Top 5 Reasons for the Big Belly Blues:
1. When I do a forward bend stretch (which I do twice a day believe it or not), I have to separate my feet to make room for my belly between my legs as I touch my toes. (This also goes for lunges--I have to lunge to the outside of each hand now rather than the inside when doing my sun salutations each morning.)
2. When I tie my shoes, I have to kick each leg out to the side and do an upper body twist to reach the offending shoe (because tucking my knee into my chest like I used to do is now uncomfortable).
3. When I wake up in the morning, the non-maternity cami tank top I sleep in is lodged under my boobs requiring some yanking, twisting, and turning to pull it back down over my cold, bare belly.
4. The opening in my pants is getting wider and wider...where I used to be able to zip a little, I can no longer zip at all. It looks as if I'm starting to outgrow the belly band...but I think I can pull it off for a little longer.
5. In spinning class, I have to adjust the handle bars on the bike so that they are super high (beach cruiser style) to give my belly room and to avoid kneeing myself as I pedal. (Please note: this is not an aerodynamic position.)

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  1. Too funny! I have all these issues now . . . and I'm not pregnant. :-O


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