Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Week 10--End of the Embryonic Period

We're in the double digits now baby! According to "the book," my inner growth has grown from the size of a medium green olive to the size of a small plum in the last week, which seems to me like quite a bit of growth for one measley week. We're now in the fruit stages. I'm not looking forward to entering the melon stages...

Week 10 means we're about to be safely out of the embryonic period which, according to "the book" is when most "congential malformations" (whatever those are) occur. Well, to be real, there's of course a chance that we didn't emerge from this stage safely, I mean, it's not like we'd know it yet, right? But at least I know that from here on out, I can be a little less careful, you know, sling back a couple brewskies every now and again, maybe light up a stogie...nothing crazy. (I don't need to write "haha" or "LOL" after that, right???? You guys know I'm only half serious, right??)

Now how 'bout a good ramble?? This topic has confused me since the day I read about it and reared its confusing head again tonight when I picked up a different book. Did you know that there are two ways to determine how pregnant you are? The one the doctors use is fake. Now, I read this a few weeks ago and don't feel like brushing up on it, so work with me while I rely on my very faulty memory to explain. Apparently, since the docs can't pinpoint the exact conception date, they just consider your pregnancy to start when your last period ends (even though you aren't fertile till about 2 weeks later and are therefore probably not pregnant till about 2 weeks later). So, "the book" cites the fake dr. date first (in this case, Week 10) and then below that, in small italic letters, it cites the actual age of the embryo (in this case, Week 8). Tonight I picked up another book I have which goes day-by-day. This book uses the non fake date (maybe the term here is "gestational"??). So the top of the page in this book says Week 8 and then below that, in small italic letters, it says LNMP (last normal menstrual period) Week 10.

From confusion to frustration: Why they gotta have a fake date?? Is it really necessary to measure the age in 2 ways? Maybe we can just measure the age the same way we measure birthdays.

Reading this second book makes me feel like I'm not being as productive as I thought I was, like I'm not as far ahead as I was when I woke up today. I can't get anything done these days!!

So much for the double digits.


  1. It's all a bunch of hooie! Neither of those dates really mean anything. The Due Date actually means nothing too. very few babies are actually born on their due date. I consider Asa to be on time because he was just 2 days late instead of Esther's 10... My cousin charlie was 4 weeks late... (they only let you go 2 weeks these days).

    Doctor's like to go with the idea that their patients do not know their bodies or when they conceived. Also womens' cycles vary so drastically that they are making random guesses on the projected fertility anyhow.

    But all that aside if we did go by our conception date (which i am 100% certain of) Asa would have been due on January 1st. So he would have been 9 days late...

    like i said... hooie!
    What books are you reading anyhow?

  2. I wish I could be certain of my conception date...I have no clue. Sometime between when we ran off to the court house to get hitched and Thanksgiving. Oh, and "The Book" I'm always talking aobut is "Your Pregnancy Week by Week." I skim most chapters, but I like that there's a plan for reading it--it's somehow more doable than the others which I feel obliged to sit down and read. I also have a really cool journal that my mom got me that goes day-by-day, but reading every day is too much of a committment so I keep falling behind. I don't actually feel like reading these days--reruns of Scrubs are becoming my favorite past time.


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