Thursday, October 9, 2014

Summer time

We're time traveling back to June tonight on this, my once-every-other-month blog post, to my annual family reunion. As has been the case lately, I didn't take any pictures...I should probably change the name of this blog if I'm no longer going to be obnoxiously photographing my kids. My cousin Kim shared a few of her pics with me. Only the younger kids are represented since both Hannah and Clay are eating in the pics I have of them and the adults don't look so hot either. So here are Jacob and Mason!

This year we rented a pavillion in Waynesburg and spent the day chowing down, running around the playground, swimming at the water park, and visiting with family.

On the way home the next day, we stopped at my dad's. Hannah remembered riding the tractor on her last visit there in the winter and went straight for it this time. She got to drive it herself this time!

Then she let Jacob in on the action.

 And of course Ginger was a huge hit as well.

They'll have their own tractor to ride soon since we'll be needing one to mow 2 of the 5 acres we just bought, and maybe they'll even end up with a dog sometime in the next year! Big changes are coming soon for this family!

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